Erasmus @ Paris

28 junio, 2006

C'est fini...

Je part aujourd'hui après-midi. Salut à tout le monde, tout mes amis... Je vais vous manquer beaucoup!!



Au revoir...

25 junio, 2006

Dernier samedi... Tourisme et fête de au revoir

24 junio, 2006

La France gagne!! C'est genial parce que on va les humilier mardi ;)






L'equipe KPR a bien passé le projet!!

18 junio, 2006

Front Row in my PowerBook


Today I've watched a video of the new MacBook. At first, it's true that is powerful than my PoweBook, but for what I need the laptop, my little PB does really good their functions. But I realized one thing, I'd like to have Front Row!! then... voilà!! I have Front Row right now as you can see in this video :)


How? You can read it in spanish here. It's not new, but I didn't know it! Another more reason to wait to change my laptop (ok, the money it's the most important reason yet!).

The world is mine...


Last night world fell over me. When I got up, I realized that world was under my feet. This is a true story, the map fell of the wall over my bed, and when I woke up I was stepping on it. It was a metaphor that happened by itself; but it's so fucking true! Many times you go to sleep thinking about how your life is going down, but next morning, everything's easier that you thought before. Be strong, and go on!!! 10 days... and our erasmus year will finish, therefore my posts too...


Greetings to everybody.

16 junio, 2006

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