Erasmus @ Paris

25 enero, 2006

So stressed....

At last,our computer networks exam is done,I didn't remember an exam with sooooo many inventions!!!! I'm serious , I only trust that I could pass it because I did it with Fer;and all of us already know how lucky can this tiny Perico be. In addition we have to make a short presentation for tomorrow about what we know about NS-2 simulator by now....what are we going to say??that we have spent most of our time building deuterio mines as we were becoming so mad with the indecipherable code we were given??? Once again let's trust in Fer's coña...... I would to profit to say that my avian influenza's exposition was quite nice,how not??? Her Majesty the Royal Queen of the glorious United Kingdom was supporting me,hehe. Jordan,I would like to tell something that I really miss from this blog....u wrote some stufs saying about what this blog was about in english,french,spanish,galician...but what about osunian???hope u change this as soon as possible,hehe Well everyone,take care,rest for this weekend,and good luck for those who have exams left. Alex. P.D:by the way what about Tali's birthday photos??none is going to attach them???