Erasmus @ Paris

12 enero, 2006

One typical day in Paris

This is only a small group of things that you can see in one day here. First of all, this freak guy(yes, you are seeing ok, he is introducing his head into the ceiling): this thing happened yesterday in our weekly residence's party. It's to 22pm to 1am, but believe me; it's time enough to see many strange attitudes and people, like this personage. The menu pic is one of our favourite matinal menu... the words exceed; where is my mum's food??? :´( And the freak pic was taken at a teacher's office, note that the hub and all the net cables are over the heating tubes, that's what I call a good and secure net installation!! Yeah man, it's true; France is different!


  • People is crazyyyy!! yes, it's your perfect place! jiji Chips molan, but...where is your dear ketchup? xDDD

    By Anonymous noe, at 19:28  

  • no seais tan pringados de escribir en inglés por lo menos ponedlo bilingüe español francés


    By Blogger Fenor, at 22:23  

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