Erasmus @ Paris

22 febrero, 2006

Let's talk about...

I've been 12 days crossing 4 countries in North Europe. What did I learn? More than I'd like to. People is polite, very polite. If you are in the middle of the street looking for something in a map, somebody is gonna come and ask you IN ENGLISH if you need help. People doesn't steel. Ok, there are thiefs all around the world, but I've seen for example in Helsinki, at the university, there is a big closet room where everybody leave there their jackets, scarf, gloves, etc... Think about doing that in Spain (or France). People is busy in the good way. It's incredible how in that frozen countries most of people practise sports everytime that they're free. People CAN'T SMOKE into clubs, discos, pubs (I think that at work is also forbidden but we've that in Spain too right now); and It's amazing to arrive at home after one party's night without all your clothes smelling bad. I hope that the spanish goverment forces to do the same in my country as soon as possible. I could tell you much more things about this trip, but hey!! The second semester is here!! And I have to work hard, new subjects, the Project... I'll try to write something every week, but I don't promise anything, time is not enough!! J


  • heya! for more than a week i'm checking out your posts, i like this "sharing impressions"(..and photos) thing :) so..thanks for sharing!

    By Blogger mariandreea, at 21:28  

  • Thanks a lot, it's great when you make something for pleasure and people like it!


    By Blogger arnoia, at 21:41  

  • así que el "Proyecto" con mayúsculas eh? jajajaja

    By Blogger Kabish, at 23:42  

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