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04 abril, 2006

Who's gonna miss me for the next two weeks?

These are my new pets. Instead of the usual way, I didn't choose them, they chose me one week ago. I looked through my window and they were there, looking at me, under the window. I gave them some bread, and after that they are coming all afternoons looking for more food. I'm feeling like Chandler & Joey


  • Va dans le 13ème arrondissement, dans le quartier chinois, tu verras ils vont bien s'occuper d'eux!!!
    Canard laqué aux cinq parfums ça s'appelle!!

    By Anonymous Chris, at 18:47  

  • touche pas mon potes!!!! hahahaha Le chinois sont fous!! C'est tre mieux manger porc, c'est vrai Samia?? xDD A propos du manger porc... et Samir? Il est bien à Cancun?? Beacoup de salopes américains?? ;)

    By Blogger arnoia, at 18:54  

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