Erasmus @ Paris

13 enero, 2006

Another full day in Paris

At first I decided to make another collage, but finally, I've just press my F9 key and exposé did all the job ;) One pic is in the RER at 9 o'clock ; and the rest were taken in Champs Elyssées: Arc du Triomphe (multiple views), L'atelier of Peugeot, and two pics drinking one cocktail in the "Latina Cafe" (4.25€ because of the happy hour). A good way to finish a Friday. Now... maybe one erasmus party, but it's not sure, we're so tired and here there is 4degrees... I think that the bed is the better choice, shit!! Good news: we're planning a trip to Helsinki, the Erasmus continues!!


  • 4.25€ estando en hora feliz... que Dios bendiga la France!

    By Blogger Fenor, at 13:32  

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