Erasmus @ Paris

20 enero, 2006

Ca c'est Paris

Another collage again. The Eastpak bag is original, don't you think? It remembers me the big lamp table that I saw in the Museum Georges Pompidou. The laptop is a Sony Vaio tuned by her owner. That's not my style, too much... baroque¿¡?! As you wish. The statue's story should be explained by Carlos because he told it to me when we saw it; but now he ins't here then I'll try to remember it: that man is the Marshal Ney, who was one of confidence men of Napoleon. In the two text pics you can see all the battles where he fought; the list is incredible long!! He was a man very feared and respected by his soldiers because of his strength and skill with the sword. He was condemned until death because of the military crimes after loosing the Battle of Waterloo. Interesting, isn't it?