Erasmus @ Paris

07 febrero, 2006

In live from Finland!!!

I've arrived to this beatiful country only some hours before. Everything is covered by snow. I only needed 30minutes here to understand why finnish people are the best drivers of the world. Here it's imposible to avoid doing a burnout when you want to move the car, and cars are sliding in most of the turns. It's amazing!!! We've been playing snowfootball (Erasmus people and finnish people), what is mainly try to stay up while you run behind the ball (orange ball to see it well in the snow). At the end of match, finnish people gave us "Hot juice", something between a tea and strawberry juice; it was fine :) Really, I think that I'm gonna love this country. Some people has taken pics of the match, I'll upload it when they sent them to me. Greetings!!!!


  • huummm...
    hot juice!!!
    slurp :P

    By Anonymous Chris le fou, at 22:41  

  • Jordan,mantennos informados de tus subidas de puntos..La primera ya habra caido no?

    By Anonymous fertxo, at 01:26  

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