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03 febrero, 2006

Snowing and doing a test

This morning was snowing in Villetaneuse, but only a little. We've made our last test for the next month, party begins again!! This weekend Adri is in Coventry, and the next week Tali, Adri and me are going to Helsinki and Carlos is going to Milano. St. Denis rats haven't a chosen a destiny yet (or just I don't know it, maybe). We'll upload pics of all crazy things that we will do these days. See ya people


  • A ver desgraciao,St-Denis rats van a hacerse un viajecito to guapo por el Benelux,lo q pasa q no me escuchaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!!!jeje bueno nen nos vemos esta noche en la fiesta griega (chrnoia k chrnoia).

    Adeu nens (y baneame si te sale de los collons rapaciño)

    By Blogger Duque de Osuna, at 16:17  

  • Très jolie ta fac en hiver!!!
    ça me donne envie d'étudier tout ça...

    By Anonymous Chris le fou, at 21:09  

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