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22 enero, 2006

Why, why why!!!!

Today it's the turn of a vindication. This is one of the things that I can't understand. When the € was born, the problem was that the ratio in front of the $ was falling down, and everyday we listened things about that on TV. Some years after, the € became stronger than the $, and then the problem was related with exports from Europe to Usa, because the prize had to be increased; but the advantage was that imports should be cheaper. I hope to see that in only one product. When I bought my Powerbook, the prize was the same in € and $, being that so unfair because I was paying more that a Usa's citizen for the same product, but I had to shut up and pay. The example that i'm going to explain now is much worse. Look at this one and this another one. If we change the american prize to euros we obtain... 123,915€ And the prize in France is... 169€ In this moment is when I don't know if american are so clever or european are so stupid. Shit happens... The last thing, in the Spanish webpage they don't sell yet that product, only the old model. Maybe that's true that Spain is different; and Europe too.


  • Todos lo sabiamos pero ahora se ha confirmado definitivamente...Jordan se toca y le gusta!!!

    By Anonymous Anónimo, at 22:21  

  • Los franceses os lo venden por 169 y se sacan 50 euros extra para crepes. Los listos son los franceses (listillos).

    By Blogger Fenor, at 09:45  

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