Erasmus @ Paris

07 junio, 2006

Dans mon portable pendant plusieurs mois


  • Aaaalaa!!q ordenadores

    By Anonymous Victor, at 23:02  

  • i'm not good at this, but if you are interesting in getting better photos, i may give you some atvice, an example can be for the photo with the locked wheel, i think if you take it from down, and with black&white, and maybe with macro focus on the middle it could be better..:)..

    By Blogger maria, at 21:52  

  • hey, thank you but i took this pic with my telehpone; that's why they are so bad (portable = mobile phone)

    By Blogger arnoia, at 22:03  

  • aw :) i was a bit confused, it wasnt so "crystal" like the others on your blog..

    By Blogger maria, at 22:11  

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