Erasmus @ Paris

12 marzo, 2006

Watching F1

Go Alonso Gooo!!!!!


  • eres un rayao. es broma tio.el puto alonso es un jefe.buf¡¡¡ k raro seme hace escribir en castellano.jejeje.ktl tio espero k to bien.en semana santase cuece parrillada y fiestapor tos laos.venga tio un abrazo

    By Anonymous rudy, at 18:46  

  • :) nice view outside the window..

    By Blogger mariandreea, at 20:34  

  • tio... al final no creo que pueda ir en SemSta, me da que esos planes van a tener que esperar pal verano :( Ya te contaré.

    Yes nice view, I took it while TV was showing advertisements. It's my residence in Paris, "Fondation Deutsch de la Meurthe". So beatiful outside, but really old inside!! I've heard that it was a hospital during the 2nd world war!

    By Blogger arnoia, at 21:03  

  • my highschool..that makes them more..interesting..

    By Blogger mariandreea, at 21:22  

  • you'r from spain, living in paris at a german fundation...!? that's interesting too..

    By Blogger mariandreea, at 21:29  

  • Hehehe... not bad :) But only the name is german, in fact there aren't too many german people.

    By Blogger arnoia, at 22:17  

  • Que boa curtametraxe de terror gótico se rodaba nesa residencia!!!

    By Anonymous Anónimo, at 11:37  

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