Erasmus @ Paris

31 enero, 2006

Christian the boss

This is the fucking boss! One of my best friend here. Greetings from here mon pote!!!

Musee des Invalides

Old taxi placed in front of the museum. The taximeter is great, with the small red flag... so funny!

28 enero, 2006

Maintaining this blog

Just ask for one thing. We have put google advertisments just for earn some money. We are sure that this coins are not gonna give us the option to buy a car, pay 1holiday-week or one dinner in George Pompidou's Restaurant; but if you make some clicks in them maybe we will be able to buy one whisky bottle at the end of this course to celebrate our Erasmus year. Just make some clicks everyday please, for you is free and the showed links are related with what we talk about here, then you're gonna find it interesting. Greetings to everybody.

27 enero, 2006

Oh man!!!

Sin palabras. Que colgaos jajajaja

26 enero, 2006

Creando polemica

Hola, Me he permitido desatender un momento el proyecto y las minas para mirar un poco las noticias y eh voilà: Deuda histórica. En ningún punto del Estatuto aprobado en Cataluña se habla de la deuda histórica que el Gobierno se compromete ahora a pagar y que puede ser considerable. Como referencia, el BNG calcula la deuda histórica de Galicia en 21.000 millones de euros, Además, se establece que en el futuro la inversión en Cataluña debe equivaler a su aportación al PIB total. En estos momentos, Cataluña aporta el 18,5% del PIB y recibe inversiones en torno al 11%.

Lo he sacado de la voz de Galicia : .Ojo! q lo q qiero decir con esto es q lo q digo q veces sobre Cataluña no sale de la boca de los martires de la causa catalana y los victimistas,sino q tiene hasta su logica.

Artículo 3. (Constitucion española)

1. El castellano es de lengua española oficial del Estado. Todos los españoles tienen el deber de conocerla y el derecho a usarla.

Segun Fer,este articulo no significaq sea obligatorio el conocimiento del castellano para todos los españoles.

Chau a tots.

25 enero, 2006


Our international biblio.

Freak pics. One making a bandwith speed test (incredible upload!!!) and another... bicromania laptop. It seems that the machine crashed and his owner repaired it at the old style, insulating tape and an external keyboard. Bizarre...

So stressed....

At last,our computer networks exam is done,I didn't remember an exam with sooooo many inventions!!!! I'm serious , I only trust that I could pass it because I did it with Fer;and all of us already know how lucky can this tiny Perico be. In addition we have to make a short presentation for tomorrow about what we know about NS-2 simulator by now....what are we going to say??that we have spent most of our time building deuterio mines as we were becoming so mad with the indecipherable code we were given??? Once again let's trust in Fer's coña...... I would to profit to say that my avian influenza's exposition was quite nice,how not??? Her Majesty the Royal Queen of the glorious United Kingdom was supporting me,hehe. Jordan,I would like to tell something that I really miss from this blog....u wrote some stufs saying about what this blog was about in english,french,spanish,galician...but what about osunian???hope u change this as soon as possible,hehe Well everyone,take care,rest for this weekend,and good luck for those who have exams left. Alex. P.D:by the way what about Tali's birthday photos??none is going to attach them???

24 enero, 2006

Google video Testing

I know how do you feel in that situation, believe me!! The difference is that I use to find a grandpa with an old car instead of a truck hehe

23 enero, 2006

There is something about Paris...

Why everything is difficult? Why everybody has to suffer in some moment of life? Yeah man, the answer is easy; cause we are ALIVE. Let it going on...

22 enero, 2006

Why, why why!!!!

Today it's the turn of a vindication. This is one of the things that I can't understand. When the € was born, the problem was that the ratio in front of the $ was falling down, and everyday we listened things about that on TV. Some years after, the € became stronger than the $, and then the problem was related with exports from Europe to Usa, because the prize had to be increased; but the advantage was that imports should be cheaper. I hope to see that in only one product. When I bought my Powerbook, the prize was the same in € and $, being that so unfair because I was paying more that a Usa's citizen for the same product, but I had to shut up and pay. The example that i'm going to explain now is much worse. Look at this one and this another one. If we change the american prize to euros we obtain... 123,915€ And the prize in France is... 169€ In this moment is when I don't know if american are so clever or european are so stupid. Shit happens... The last thing, in the Spanish webpage they don't sell yet that product, only the old model. Maybe that's true that Spain is different; and Europe too.

21 enero, 2006

Wifi installation at Pasteur

I've been from 10.30 to 19.30 installing a wifi network in Pasteur building, I'm so fuc***g tired!! The members of the installation team were from these countries: Liban, Madagascar, Senegal & Spain. Well mixed team :) It was a good job, I'm tired but happy hehe. Now... Tali's birthday!!! Se armó la partussa!!!

20 enero, 2006

Ca c'est Paris

Another collage again. The Eastpak bag is original, don't you think? It remembers me the big lamp table that I saw in the Museum Georges Pompidou. The laptop is a Sony Vaio tuned by her owner. That's not my style, too much... baroque¿¡?! As you wish. The statue's story should be explained by Carlos because he told it to me when we saw it; but now he ins't here then I'll try to remember it: that man is the Marshal Ney, who was one of confidence men of Napoleon. In the two text pics you can see all the battles where he fought; the list is incredible long!! He was a man very feared and respected by his soldiers because of his strength and skill with the sword. He was condemned until death because of the military crimes after loosing the Battle of Waterloo. Interesting, isn't it?

19 enero, 2006

Please, Ferrari me!!

That black car that you can see in the middle of the pic is a Ferrari F430, one of the most beatiful cars of the world. I'm not exactly a Ferrari lover, but it's obvious that their cars are incredible. This is one of the advantages of living in Paris; be sure you won't see many cars like that this in Ourense, my hometown; and here, when I saw this I saw too 5 or 6 more in that place, fucking rich people hehehe

17 enero, 2006

Super soirée ce vendredi

Nada,simplemente recordaros que mi coleguita de resi Siriman,me dijo que de salir este viernes por una boite de Grands Boulevards.Yo creo que estaria bueno salir de marxuki alguna vez con gavachos,joer!!Bueno os dejo q no puedo desanteder el proyecto y sobre todo las minas de deuterio ;-)

16 enero, 2006

Opera again and one cheap shoe

Our dude is if that prize is for a pair of shoes or for only one... I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E!!! What kind of people can buy things like this? You have to be extremely rich! The other part of the pic shows Carlos surprised by the Grand Foyer in Opera Garnier, the place to go for a walk between the plays. I was with the same face, very beautiful.

Opera, good cars and La Defense

La Defense is the finantial center of Paris. It's placed in the northwest of de city and you can see it from the "Arc du Triomphe". It was really amazing, it was the first time that we went there and it was a very nice sightseeing. The car is a Bentley with a license plate of Monaco (cool!!) and the big lamp is in Opera Garnier, one of the two opera's buildings of Paris. Not a bad day... if we forgot that we had to eat in a fuc**ng Mc'Donalds...

13 enero, 2006

Another full day in Paris

At first I decided to make another collage, but finally, I've just press my F9 key and exposé did all the job ;) One pic is in the RER at 9 o'clock ; and the rest were taken in Champs Elyssées: Arc du Triomphe (multiple views), L'atelier of Peugeot, and two pics drinking one cocktail in the "Latina Cafe" (4.25€ because of the happy hour). A good way to finish a Friday. Now... maybe one erasmus party, but it's not sure, we're so tired and here there is 4degrees... I think that the bed is the better choice, shit!! Good news: we're planning a trip to Helsinki, the Erasmus continues!!

12 enero, 2006

One typical day in Paris

This is only a small group of things that you can see in one day here. First of all, this freak guy(yes, you are seeing ok, he is introducing his head into the ceiling): this thing happened yesterday in our weekly residence's party. It's to 22pm to 1am, but believe me; it's time enough to see many strange attitudes and people, like this personage. The menu pic is one of our favourite matinal menu... the words exceed; where is my mum's food??? :´( And the freak pic was taken at a teacher's office, note that the hub and all the net cables are over the heating tubes, that's what I call a good and secure net installation!! Yeah man, it's true; France is different!

la noche del despropósito

Hora: 2.42h Faltan 9 horas Cafés: 8 (cada una) Objetivo: estudiar el examen de Civilización de USA (unica asignatura superviviente a nuestra Erasmus) Evaluación de los objetivos: negativa Posibles resultados: a estas horas... no vamos a pedirle peras al olmo, se ve negro... sobre todo si te asomas por la ventana. ... pero como alguien dijo por ahí... LA FELICIDAD NUNCA ES COMPLETA Besos desde el DESPROPÓSITO Adri y Tali

11 enero, 2006

Carlos & Jordan going shopping

We took this picture 4hours ago, in the "Dolce & Gabbana" section of the New designers level, in Printemps. It was funny seeing all that shirts in a big box like in a typical village fair; but with the small diference of the prize... The cheapest was around 170€, mmm wait a minute, I think that I have that amount in coins in my pocket... WTF!!! It must be wonderful being reach, don't you think?

10 enero, 2006

Backing to the night's rutine, but with wifi!!

This is our christmas present, wifi in almost all rooms (not yet in mine). It's better than going to the internet's room, but now we're surfing instead of talking between each other. Pour l'instance le blog est écrit en Anglais parce que mon Français écrit est une merde encore, putain!!!

Mafia Italospagnola

We finished with that amazing look one month ago, in Miha and Simone's birthdays. It was a very good night, so funny; but I wouldn'l like to be one of them the next morning, too much work to clean the flat!! Anyway, thank you for that party men, it was great; when is the next? :P

The 2006 begins...

Here begins our Erasmus Blog Experience! We hope you enjoy it. This photo was taken in the modern art museum Georges Pompidou. It's beatiful, isn't it? xD We'll show you the Real Paris living style... just follow us! Carlos & Jordan